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The COMPILE Fan Page right now is under construction. It will be premiered in like 1 or 2 years.

This is going to be a fanmade website dedicated to Compile - the company of 80s and 90s, that once was popular in Japan and South Korea - probably influenced the electronic entertainment thanks to many game series like Madou Monogatari/Puyo Puyo (series currently owned by SEGA) and even was the precursor of game magazines with CDs containing full version games, demo versions and some nice bonus features like animated videos, screensavers and so on. (Polish equivalent of Compile Disc Station would be Cybermycha, which was popularized in early 2000s until early 2010s.)

Series created by COMPILE:

Look forward for more updates of the site.

Compile Disc Station on

The Compilation of Anime from Disc Station magazines compiled into one special video

TKGH Tanaka Katsumi Greatest Hits 1989 - 2012 Soundtrack

Shocking - Korean Bootleg Arcade port of Gensei Kaishingeki - one of the games that was available on Disc Station

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